What Every Child Should Know About God Album (2-disc set)

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What Every Child Should Know About God is a children's album. Filled with catchy and classy songs that will have your child singing and dancing to the beautiful and positive messages about God's love and His creation.


Disc 1 “Joyful: Bright & Peppy Songs That Fill A Child’s Heart With the Truths of God’s Nature
  1. In The Beginning
  2. Whoever Lives In Love
  3. It Is Impossible
  4. Draw Near To God
  5. No Temptation
  6. God Works
  7. What We Sow
  8. Eternal Life
  9. The Heavens Declare
  10. All The Promises Of God
Disc 2 “Peaceful: Soothing & Reflective Songs for Quiet Times With the Soft Touch of God’s Comfort
  1. God Cares About You
  2. Behold I Have Loved You
  3. So High
  4. Wings Like Eagles
  5. God Is Light
  6. God Is Spirit
  7. God So Loved The World
  8. God Is Our Refuge
  9. If We Confess Our Sins
  10. God Exists
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